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2018-12-05 / Columnists


by Caroline Diem

From the Newberry News

of December 8, 1893

—Morse & Schneider have shut down their shingle mill at Seney for the winter.

—Ed. Swanson of Pentland Township has a stray bull calf on his premises, which the owner can have on application.

—C.C. Younglove, the jeweler, has his annual holiday announcement in this issue. It will pay parties contemplating buying Christmas presents to look over his elegant line of holiday goods. They are more beautiful this year than usual and the prices are lower for such goods than ever before.

Card of Thanks

We take this opportunity to thank our many friends for their kind offices during the illness and burial of our little baby.

Mr. and Mrs.
C.S. Wheeler

Dollarville Chips

—Frank Gagnon has returned from the Province of Quebec. He came back alone—says he can get fixed up here alright.

—The popcorn social at the McCluskey residence was a great success. A few more of the same will be appreciated by the young folks, as ultimately Cupid will do some popping as a result.

—A few carloads of logs made their appearance here this week.

—Mrs. F. Barbour was quite seriously ill last week, but is improving nicely at present.

—Wesley Parker has moved his family to Mason Bros’ wood camps for the winter months.

From the Newberry News

of December 6, 1918
Reopen Hotel Monday

The traveling, as well as the resident, public will be pleased to learn that D. Campbell, proprietor of the Newberry Hotel, contemplates again opening his popular hostelry Monday next, if proper and efficient help can be procured.

The Newberry is one of the best-equipped hotel structures to be found on the peninsula, and it would be unfortunate if its doors were to remain closed until spring.

Mr. Campbell is deserving of popular patronage, and in maintaining this up-to-date hotel he is doing his share toward making Newberry the best town in Northern Michigan.

Booze Mystery at Manistique

The disappearance of 30 quarts of whiskey from a trunk shipped to Manistique as baggage from Marinette was the case of much concern by its owners, who evidently helped to realize a nice profit from their smuggling of liquor into dry territory.

The looks of surprise and disappointment on their countenances, upon opening the trunk and finding that it contained only a lot of old clothing and a large stone, is said to be indescribable. It may require a Sherlock Holmes to unravel the mystery.

It was evident that the whiskey had been taken out and the stone substituted. One can imagine how carefully that trunk was handled before the stone was discovered.

From the Newberry News

of December 5, 1968
To Open Branch of Soo
Coin Here

John M. Cleary, owner of Soo Coin, a television and appliance store, has announced the purchase of the Richardson Building in Newberry. The building houses the Michigan State Liquor Control store, a vacant store and four apartments above. The vacant store will be occupied by a third Soo Coin branch store.

Soo Coin already operates stores in St. Ignace and Sault Ste. Marie. Purchase of the building was made through Joseph P. Rahilly and H.E. Krueger and various estates.

The Soo Coin branch store in Newberry will be opened permanently after remodeling of the store is completed, Cleary said.

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