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2018-10-10 / Columnists


by Caroline Diem

From the Newberry News

of October 6, 1893
Excursion to Grand

The first passenger train to Grand Marais, over the Manistique Lumber Co.’s road, entered Grand Marais last Sunday. The Seney people, to the number of sixty or over, celebrated the occasion by making an excursion trip over the new road, and Capt. Bird took a number of them around the harbor and new docks in his steam yacht.

C.A. Fanjoy of Dollarville accompanied the excursionists and took a number of fine views. Grand Marais now has lake and rail communications, and when the proposed new sawmills are set to work next spring, it is bound to become quite a little city.

Local and County News

—If you want a nobby shoe, go to Noble’s.

—Miss Emma Potvin is teaching school in Lakefield township at the Holland schoolhouse.

—Hunters still continue to arrive and are making times lively for the deer in this neighborhood. The shipments so far are light, from which we infer that the deer are keeping well out of range.

—The new town lately platted at Kennedy Siding, in Garfield township, Mackinac county, has been named Engadine. Next spring a sawmill for the manufacture of hardwood lumber will be built at the new town.

From the Newberry News

of October 4, 1918
Spanish “Flu” Closes

Spanish influenza, the epidemic that is sweeping through the United States, has hit Newberry, and already three deaths have occurred from the disease.

Prompt action has been taken by the Board of Health to prevent the spread of the disease, and all the churches, schools and theaters have been ordered closed until the epidemic has been checked.

The order closing the schools and other public places was issued Saturday following the death of one patient and the appearance of a number of suspected cases. Since then a large number of cases have been reported, and it is said there are at least one hundred cases in the city.

The physicians are being kept on the go, night and day, answering calls for their services. In some homes the entire family has been stricken, and it is being found increasingly difficult to secure nurses to care for the sick. New cases are being reported every day.

The Board of Health has caused circulars to be issued instructing the public in the treatment of the disease and how to avoid it. Where the disease is not given prompt treatment, bronchial pneumonia is likely to follow with often fatal results. Persons stricken with the disease are instructed to go to bed at once and call a physician.

Lands Big Drain Contract

D.N. McLeod has let the contract for the building of ten miles of ditch, starting from Hendrie, and which may possibly be extended to the Tahquamenon later on. The object of the ditch is to float forest products to Hendrie and also to save transportation charges, as this method will be much cheaper than hauling by rail.

Mr. McLeod has under contemplation the erection of a small sawmill to take care of the small stuff. He has placed the building of the ditch in capable and competent hands and made no mistake in the selection of C.H. Sweney, the expert drain contractor, who has the equipment to carry on the work and knows the business from start to finish, which in itself alone is a guarantee that the job will be right up to specifications, when completed. Work begins at once.

From the Newberry News

of October 10, 1968
Sportsmen Plan Father-
Son Night

The next meeting of the Tahquamenon Sportsmen’s Club has been designated as father and son night on Thursday, October 17. A program of gun safety has been planned.

Boys of 10 to 16 years old will draw for prizes of ammunition for shotguns and possible .22 caliber rifles. Boys of 17 and over will receive a free complimentary membership for the balance of the current year.

At a recent meeting the board of directors of the club named Ernest Hiltunen as president of the board to succeed Frank Calkins, who has resigned due to work conflict. Geo. Rintamaki, Arden Pedit and Raleigh Whitman were named to the board to fill vacancies.

Pick Cast for Senior Play

The class of ’69 will present its play, “The Male Animal,” a comedy in three acts, Thursday and Friday, November 7 and 8 in the high school auditorium.

The cast is as follows: Gail Fuller and Paul Lavender in the leading roles, Norma Jean Magnuson, Chris Foley, Tom Hammerberg, Leonard Bierlein, Russell Garrod, Rob Pike, Rebecca Schmidt, Paul Sainio, Patsy Labron and Kim Musgrave. Student Director - Gary Mark. Prompter - Patty Ennis.

The play starts out when Tommy Turner (Paul Lavender) gets jealous over his wife, Ellen Turner (Gail Fuller) because of Joe Ferguson (Rob Pike), who, as the greatest football hero, comes to see Ellen, to whom he used to be unofficially engaged.

Mrs. Bradley said “I think I have a very commercial cast and the play is coming along fine!”

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