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2018-08-08 / Columnists


by Caroline Diem

From the Newberry News

of August 11, 1893
Visit of the State Board
of Corrections and

The State Board of Corrections and Charities, consisting of Rt. Rev. Geo. D. Gillespie of Grand Rapids, Dr. S. Bell of Detroit, L.C. Storrs of Lansing, J.M. Neasmith of Vicksburg and H.A. Forrest of Saginaw, visited this place on Thursday for the purpose of examining the site offered for the location of the upper peninsula asylum.

They were met at the train by the committee appointed at the public meeting held on July 15th, and escorted to the Newberry hotel for dinner, after which they were taken in carriages to view the proposed site and a formal written proposition tendered them by the local committee on behalf of the citizens of Luce County.

What the result of the visit may be, no one as yet can tell, but we believe the superior advantages of the location here will be appreciated by the board, and that the proposition submitted will meet with the approval of all the members thereof.

The distinguished visitors left for Sault Ste. Marie on the afternoon train.

Local and County News

—Escanaba has dropped out of the race for the insane asylum.

—The Dollarville district road inspector has extended the sidewalk running east towards town until it is now over halfway to the cemetery. Those in authority on this end should follow the example and extended the walk from the courthouse west.

From the Newberry News

of August 9, 1918
Judge Fead Leaves

Hon. Louis H. Fead, who has offered his services to the Red Cross for foreign service, has received orders to report in New York and will leave for overseas duty the latter part of this month. The judge will leave Newberry this evening, paying a short visit to his old home in Port Huron before departing for New York.


—Manager Mike Siebert of the Newberry garage received a hurry-up call from Grand Marais Sunday evening, stating that Herman Kunert’s car had refused to amble along, and he and his party were very desirous to return home. Mike remedied the trouble in his usual workmanlike manner, and the party proceeded on its way rejoicing.

—Three boys, who claimed Calumet as their home, were arrested Thursday afternoon by Officers Turnbull and Detzler, charged with having broken into and robbed Bert Koontz’ poolroom at McMillan the night previous.

When questioned by the officers, the boys owned up to committing the crime. The culprits are mere boys, aged about 17 years and claim to have hoboed it here from Calumet.

—A fistfight between two men occurred at the depot Sunday evening at the time of the arrival of the train from the Soo. No officers were there to quell the disturbance or place the offenders under arrest. The row was not due to booze this time; it was all over a woman.

—A number of young boys appeared before Judge Harris in the juvenile court Monday charged with raiding orchards. The lads were given a severe lecture and released on suspended sentence, with the understanding that if they again appeared before the court on a similar charge, they would be sent to the reform school.

From the Newberry News

of August 8, 1968
Director of Nurses Appointed

Jack Vantassel, administrator of the Helen Newberry Joy Hospital, announced the appointment of Mrs. Patricia Olson, RN, as the new director of nurses. A native of Newberry, graduating from Newberry High School in 1953, Mrs. Olson previously worked at Tahquamenon General Hospital, Newberry, as an LPN.

Mrs. Olson graduated from St. Anthony’s Hospital School in 1960 and was employed at the University of Illinois Research and Educational Hospital until 1963, at which time she was head nurse of the 46-bed Medical Care Unit.

From January 1964 to July 1968 she was employed at Newberry State Hospital and has been Program Nurse Supervisor of a Federal Rehabilitation Therapy Program.

Appointed Justice of the Peace

The Michigan Justice of the Peace Association has made Myrtle Whitmarsh, widow of the late F.J. Whitmarsh, an active member of the Association. She has been appointed justice of the peace to fill the unexpired term caused by the death of her husband, Frank J. Whitmarsh.

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