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2018-07-11 / Front Page

Slide for Kids Fundraiser Planned for Saturday

by Stephen King

This Saturday night, July 14, the annual Slide For Kids flat track charity race will take place at the Tahquamenon Motor Cycle Club’s track, just east of Newberry on M-28 at 6:00 p.m.

Racers will put it all on the line as they do any time they head into competition but along with the fame and glory, the racers will also be racing for a cause.

That cause is the Luce County Community Resource and Recreation Center, commonly known as the “LINK.” The LINK is a place where people in this area can go for help with various problems. The LINK is also a day care center for kids who may otherwise have no other place to go.

Often from working families that cannot afford the cost of baby sitters or day care or for the older kids, those that are too old for a baby sitter but just a bit to young to be alone all the time, this is a place for these kids hang out.

They are fed, watched over, and given a lot of really cool things to do. There are games, movies, and computers for them to use.

The volunteers also help out adults in need filling out paper work, so those in need can get help from the government agencies that do require so much red tape.

The LINK has a free lunch program for any in the community that are hungry. Most of the people at the LINK are volunteers. They do the work they do out of love for the kids and those people that they help.

However, even the best intentions cannot pay the light bill. It takes money to buy the groceries and a lot of other bills.

The LINK receives no government funding. They depend on community support. To that end, the Slide For Kids Charity Race has become one of their bigger fundraisers of the year.

This race was started by members of the TMC as a way to give back to the community. One of the founders of this race was Frank Bozek, who sadly lost his life a about a year ago in an accident.

All who knew Frank knew that he loved racing and kids. Frank had stated, “I saw a need and felt I had to do something. As a racer, I wanted to combine the sport I love with my desire to help kids that really need some help.”

With the help of Glenn Moll and Steve Maki, and a lot of other volunteers, the Slide For Kids race grew.

The track is now the “Frank W. Bozek Memorial Flat Track” and will again feature some of the best flat track racers in this area.

There are two that need special mentioning: Ian Edwards and Justin Price. Both are grandsons of Frank. Ian is just starting his racing career. Justin is an excellent flat track racer with many victories under his belt.

Another local rider of note is Mike McNeill who has been racing for many years. Mike, who is now a student at Michigan Tech, has become a fan favorite.

Overall, this event promises to be an excellent night of racing action.

Mary Archambeau, who heads up the LINK has stated, “We really appreciate what the racers do for us. We can really use the money they raise for us. I don’t know what we would do without them.”

“I want to invite everyone to come out and enjoy the racing and to help raise money for the LINK,” said Glenn Moll, one of the organizers. “It is always a lot of fun and we’re raising money for a good cause.”

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