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2018-07-11 / Columnists


by Caroline Diem

From the Newberry News

of July 14, 1893
River Excursion

Arrangements have been made for a grand excursion to the Tahquamenon Falls on the steamer “Edna” tomorrow, Saturday, July 15th. The steamer will leave the Newberry bridge at 8 o’clock am Sharp.

Those desiring to take advantage of the opportunity of seeing the wonderful falls of the Tahquamenon and to enjoy a trip, which is sure to be interesting, especially to those who never made it, should secure a ticket at F.R. Fuller’s drugstore.

Local and County News

—The steamer James Peakin, loaded with ore, was beached on the shore of Lake Superior near the mouth of the Two Heart last Thursday. The crews of Life Stations Ten and Eleven, assisted by the steamer Barker, succeeded in getting the vessel afloat after a large amount of hard work. Capt. McCormick is lumping around with a lame leg, the result of an accident he met with while at work releasing the vessel.

—The Arcade saloon building is having a large addition built to the rear, which, we are informed, will be utilized for the accommodation of boarders, thus making the house a hotel in a small way. Mr. Beaudin’s abilities in the boarding house line are well known and he will have no trouble in keeping his house full of guests.

—Five soiled doves were brought up from the swamp and put through Justice Main’s mill last Monday. They paid a fine of $25 each and were let free. The fine, together with the costs, amounted to about $30 each, making a total of about $150 at one grist.

—M. Glass has decided to move his cigar factory to Cheboygan, a decision that his many friends and customers here will regret very much. He will move about the end of July or the first of August next.

—C.W. Metcalf has surveyed a new road to Culhane’s camps on the Two Heart River, a part of which will be opened up this season.

—The scenery along the Tahquamenon river at Dollarville is perfectly grand this year; the beautiful foliage and the marsh hay combined makes one of the most pleasing scenes the eye could wish to gaze upon. We wonder that more people do not take advantage of this river as a summer resort, for there are some very fine camping grounds along its banks.

From the Newberry News

of July 12, 1918
Hotel With History

The hotel at Germfask known as the White House has been re-opened. It will be a popular stopping place for automobilists, as it is in a region but sparsely provided with hotel accommodations of auto travel.

“White House” was the name of a string of hotels originally built along the line of the DSS&A railroad, when it was known by its first name of the Detroit, Mackinac and Marquette railway.

Newberry, Seney and Marquette had each its “White House,” that at the first-named place was destroyed by fire. Whether the Marquette hotel remains under the same name we have no information. The White House at Seney, when that once lively lumbering burg reached its ultimate point of decadence, was sold as a wrecking proposition.

Angus McDougall, a Germfask businessman, bought it, and tearing it down, removed the material to Germfask where he reconstructed it as a hotel with superior accommodations for a country inn.

For a number of years it did a remunerative business; then, the withdrawal from Germfask of railroad facilities by the cessation of the logging road, consequent upon the extinction of the sawmill industry at Grand Marais, reduced hotel patronage to a non-profitable quantity and the hotel closed.

Prospects have again brightened, and a stopping at a very convenient point has been restored to public service.

From the Newberry News

of July 11, 1968
Farmers Mart Opens

The Newberry Farmers Market will open this Friday at 9:00 a.m. The new Farmer Market is located at the corner of Newberry Avenue and West Victory Way.

Locally produced strawberries, lettuce, radishes, peas, green onions, honey, maple syrup, bedding plants and locally produced crafts will be featured for the opening.

The local members of the Farmers Market Association include: Ray Schaefer, Don Burbach, Ray Pohja, Erwin Hansen, Jim Lone, Harvey Parker, Ken Stephenson, Peter Grieves and Fred Greca. Each member assisted in the construction of the market and will supply various products to the public through the summer and early fall.

Anyone interested in supplying locally produced vegetables, fruits, baked goods or crafts are invited to join the association. For information on how to join the Newberry Farmers Market Association, contact any one of the members.

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