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2018-06-13 / Columnists


by Caroline Diem

From the Newberry News of

June 16, 1893
Local and County

—John Fyvie has purchased a farm of forty acres south of the village and will commence to improve the same at once. John already has quite a stock of cattle, is a born farmer and will make a success of the business if anybody can.

—E.A. Dayton, Newberry’s popular telegraph operator, has been appointed station agent at Soo Junction. We congratulate Ed. upon his promotion. His many friends here will miss him greatly, especially the fairer sex. He left here Friday evening last to enter upon his new duties.

—Mike Heighs, Jr., captured a young deer this week, and it is a very pretty little fellow. Ed. McDonald has it and is going to bring it up in the good old way.

—We see by the Mackinaw City Witness that H.F. Abbott of that place has been brought to time for selling liquor without a license. It appears that the people of Mackinac City had concluded to refuse any licenses this year, and although Abbott had got the necessary bondsmen and had his bond all prepared in due form, the trustees refused him a license, and he kept right on selling liquor. The case was tried at Cheboygan.

From the Newberry News of

June 7, 1918
Claims Woman Was

Was Mrs. Villeneaw murdered or did she commit suicide? William Johnston claims that she was murdered and accuses his cousin and namesake, William Johnston, of having committed the deed, claiming to have been a witness to the act .

The death of Mrs. Villeneaw occurred February 23, 1917, death being caused by a bullet through the heart from a 38-calibre revolver.

Suspicion was directed toward Johnston, the man who is now accused, at the time, and he was placed under arrest. The investigation conducted by the officers produced no evidence sufficient to hold him for trial, and he was released, the conclusion being arrived at that the woman had committed suicide by shooting herself.

Johnson admitted ownership of the weapon with which the shooting was done, and also admitted having trouble with his motherin law a few days previous to the tragedy.

Testimony produced at the coroner’s inquest revealed the fact that the woman had at one time been an inmate of an insane asylum and that she made three previous attempts to take her life.

Now this man, William Johnston, a cousin of William Johnston who was first under suspicion, comes forward and accuses his cousin of committing the deed. Johnston is now being held at the county jail as a witness and a warrant is out for the other Johnston, whose present whereabouts are unknown.

From the Newberry News of

June 6, 1968
Attend Kinross 4-H

Thirty-five members left by bus Tuesday morning to attend 4-H Camp at Kinross. They are to return Thursday afternoon.

Those attending are: Mary Jo Watson, Debbie Normand, Sandy Watson, Janet Dake, Diane Sevarns, Tanya Bergstrom, Nancy Victorson, Terrie Edwards, Vickie Edwards, Janet Clark, Mary McCraney, Roxanna Pentland, Susan Pentland, Patricia Pentland, James Pentland, Betty Parker, Nancy Parker, Carrie Immonen, Bilie Jo Williams, Debbie Jacobs, Sandra Nelson, Amy Schaefer, Virginia Schaefer, Scott Grieves, Bill Lackey, Malene Dake, Diane Husband, Sue Carmody, Diane Edgar, Peggy Edgar, Paula Camp, Carolyn Kisro, Kathleen Camp, Peggy Parker and Rose Lackey.

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