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2018-05-16 / Letters to the Editor


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To the Editor:

As Memorial Day approaches, our Forest Home Cemetery will be visited by friends and family of the departed, as well as tourists. For the past two years, including the Fourth of July holiday, only sections of the lawn were mowed. Many areas had tall grass and weeds.

On a day to honor our loved ones, it is disrespectful for the final resting place to look unkempt. With three full-time employees, it makes sense for daily lawn care. Is the township responsible for upkeep? Are there three employees?

With warm weather we will see young mothers walking the streets with babies and young children. Please remember that kids need water, hats and sunscreen. Most summer evenings they need jackets.

Parents, please remember that last summer there were many instances of bullying at the playground. Talk to your children about this subject so they are prepared if confronted.

And lastly, Newberry residents, is it time to call Erin Brockovich?

Chris Noone

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