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2018-01-10 / Letters to the Editor


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To the Editor:

We greatly appreciate the young man, Eric N. Buckler, professional engineer, when we questioned him about sidewalks getting completed, trees cut down where needed, etc. He called us immediately, as well as making a home visit! Also, a very honest young man.

We have spoken to many disgruntled villagers, including one person that was overjoyed when his high rate was lowered. (I believe due to his using more water than most of us.)

We have been extremely disappointed in the Water and Light Board’s “flat rate” decision.

Also, we called to make our $200 payment for the flat rate while we’re in Florida an received a $9 fine. The payment couldn’t be made over the phone with a card! That was on November 14, due on November 15.

Our strong suggestion is that all of you Newberry folks that are on fixed incomes, with two or three in your households, handicapped, middle- to low-income, etc., please attend the board meeting on January 18, open to the public. Double-check the time, place and date to make sure the date is not changed. Let the board know how you feel!

We have friends from Calumet, and their villagers went to their meetings when they tried the flat rate.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was changed.

Thanks for your concerns,

Ken and Laverne Haggart

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