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2017-12-06 / Features

Safe Driving Tips

After becoming proficient in basic driving skills, teens can become overconfident and begin to drive faster, follow other cars more closely, brake abruptly, etc.

Gently and continuously remind your teen to stay three seconds back from other cars in normal conditions and always drive with caution.

Keep Your Cool

Watch out for aggressive drivers. These drivers run stop signs and red lights, speed, tailgate, weave their vehicles in and out of traffic, pass on the right and may make improper hand gestures.

They sometimes yell at you, honk their horns or flash their headlights. Essentially, they disregard their own safety and that of others. Report them to police if they are endangering you or others, but don’t return their aggressiveness.

Always remember: safe driving is affected by your driving attitude and your ability to control your stress and anger.

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