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2017-10-11 / Front Page

Green Lights Deliver Hope During Winter Storms

Driving in a winter storm can be frightening as snow and ice cover the roads and reduce visibility. Michigan’s 83 county road commissions and departments are always looking for new solutions to make winter roads safer, including using the new green lights on trucks actively grooming and plowing roads.

Grace Iwanicki, a resident of Marquette County, was driving home from college for Christmas break when she got caught in a heavy snowstorm in Schoolcraft County. In the distance, she saw flashing green lights she dubbed the “green lights of hope,” keeping her safe.

Most Michigan residents have seen green lights in action across the state, and they were introduced in 2016 following a new Michigan law designed to improve road visibility on trucks actively grooming the roads.

The full story about Iwanicki and Michigan’s county road agency green lights is featured in the Fall 2017 edition of Crossroads, the quarterly journal of the County Road Association of Michigan (

County road agencies remind motorists that traffic lights do not blink green. If a driver sees a blinking green light, it’s coming from a government road maintenance vehicle. Motorists are advised to slow down and drive with caution.

The 83 members of the County Road Association of Michigan represent the unified voice for a safe and efficient county transportation infra-structure system in Michigan, including appropriate stewardship of the public’s right-of-way in rural and urban Michigan.

Collectively, Michigan’s county road agencies manage 75 percent of all roads in the state, including 90,000 miles of roads and 5,700 bridges. County road agencies also maintain the state’s highway system in 64 counties. Michigan has the nation’s fourth-largest local road system.

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