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2017-06-14 / Letters to the Editor


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To the Editor:

I take exception to the opinion of David Goudreau, president of Northern Wings Repair, about the Letter to the Editor written by Doug Mills of Curtis on May 24 to the Newberry News.

In no way did Doug Mills disparage the reputation of Mr. Goudreau or his employees and company. In fact, he complimented them for their achievements.

The context of Doug’s letter is that our Republican Congressman, Jack Bergman, who represents two thirds of Michigan in District 1, does a very poor job of representing the rest of us.

Mr. Bergman has continually refused to hold town hall meetings in Newberry, Marquette and Traverse City, but instead seems to look for serene surroundings and cameras to further his image.

I received a phone call from him shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. Mr. Bergman wanted to hold a teleconference because he was wary of violence in a town hall setting. Really, and from a former general and Marine?

The Newberry News printed a survey of graphs about our school children. Fifty percent are at the poverty level, and 50 percent of them are on the federal Medicaid program of the Affordable Care Act.

Our Congressman voted to repeal this Act, and then voted for the American Health Plan of the Republicans that will devastate the Medicaid health insurance for these kids and another 23 million others in this country.

Mr. Bergman is not a real Michigan man. He came from the state of Louisiana and set up a questionable residence in the U.P. when he found out our former Congressman, Dan Benishek, was retiring. With Republican money from Betsy DeVos and hubris, we are stuck with him.

I just want to remind Mr. Goudreau that politics are very important and that all of us should always study the facts about what is occurring in our democracy, especially who we have as our President.

In closing, I also want to say that Doug Mills and his wife, Ruthette, have done a lot for the town of Curtis with the Erickson Center for the Arts. They are very active citizens of their community.

Walt Orlowski

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