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2017-06-14 / Columnists


by Caroline Diem

From the Newberry News of June 17, 1892

Local News

—A Fin woman, name unknown, shot herself in the leg with a revolver Thursday afternoon. The wound is not a dangerous one, but all the same she promises to shun revolvers in the future.

—Angus D. Chisholm, of Salem, Mich., has been engaged by the school board as principal of the Newberry school for the coming term. Mr. Chisholm comes very highly recommended and will doubtless fulfill his duties satisfactorily.

—Pentland Bros. of Dollarville were arrested before Justice Main charged with selling liquor to a minor. They waived examination and the case will be brought up at the next term of circuit court

—Rev. V.K. Beshgetoor, of Auburn, New York, will be in Newberry this week and will preach in the Presbyterian church on Sunday next June 19th morning and evening. He comes here in response to the request of a majority of the congregation and its is hoped satisfactory arrangements may be made to make his stay permanent. He is a young man highly recommended by those who knew him and as he has had some experience in the pulpit, having devoted the vacations of his college course to work in the ministry, cannot be regarded as a novice. It is to be hoped the members and adherents of the church will turn out in large numbers to welcome the Rev’d gentleman, and will do all in their power to aid him in his work. The liberality of the members and others in sympathy with the church here has placed the salary question on a solid basis, enough having been guaranteed to remove all anxiety in that quarter, and there is every reason to believe that the reverse of the past will be forgotten in the prosperity of the future.

From the Newberry News of June 15, 1917

A Circus Worth Seeing

It is a mistaken idea when speaking of the LaTena Big 3 Ring Circus and Wild West to say “all circuses are alike” as in this instance you will discover it differs in every respect from any you have ever seen. From its arrival early in the morning until the long trains depart for the next city there will be a continuous trail of pleasant happenings to make the event one to be long remembered.

This is the one big tented entertainment touring the United States that is reconstructed and enlarged each year. There is nothing of a previous season considered of sufficient importance to be permitted to be used again

The public has the assurance of everything through this entire outfit being of the very best possible to obtain.

An especially interesting attraction is the addition this season of a score or more of cowboys and cowgirls. The most fearless collection o riders in the world in deeds of daring, dexterity and skill. Hazardous rough riding. Thrilling broncho busting. Expert roping. Skillful shooting all so tense in interest as to be absolutely enthralling.

A grand free street parade occurs at noon the day the show exhibits here. 20 cages of wild beasts from every part of the world will be a source of enlightenment to all. Two performances will be given, afternoon at 2l evening at 8.

Graduating Class Receive Diplomas

Closing Week of School an Exceptionally Busy One for the Seniors and Faculty

The closing week of school has been a strenuous one for the faculty and members of the senior class who were graduated, each day being crowded full of events.

Commencement week was ushered in with the baccalaureate address by rev. Colenso at the High School auditorium Sunday evening, the big audience room being crowded to its capacity.

On Monday evening the members of the graduating class were entertained at a reception and banquet given in their honor by the Junior Class.

Wednesday evening the eighth grade presented the operetta, “The Princess of Poppyland” to a capacity house. The play was of unusual excellence, the actors taking their parts well and reflecting great credit upon their directors.

Thursday morning the eighth grade commencement exercises were held in the grade school building, when a class of forty-six graduates were promoted to the high school.

The Senior class commencement exercises were held Thursday evening at the auditorium when a class of thirty-five graduates received their diplomas of scholarship

From the Newberry News of June 15, 1967

Luce Accepts fast Time

Yesterday Newberry spent in eternity. Eternity is described as a place where there is no time, and that certainly fitted our hapless villagers insofar as anybody knowing for sure what time it was.

It all started with the decree in Washington that the nation should go on daylight saving time this year. Just what daylight saving is, we will never know. The sun comes up and she goes down and the heck with what Washington says, there is just so much daylight in a day. The amount of daylight is not determined by mankind. What you make on de peanut, you lose on de banan.

Well, we are wasting daylight. The Washington decree was followed by a lno0g hassle by our legislative, judicial and executive geniuses in Lansing as to where the sun was permitted to shine in Eastern standard Time or Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Sometime these fellows are reminiscent of the walrus and the carpenter, the public being the oysters.

The upper peninsula, being caught in the middle where some all-wise hand decreed time should, by drawing a squiggle on the map, be an hour earlier on one side of the line than the other, rebelled. Map squiggles seldom care about human lives and their habits, and it became possible to pour a cup of coffee at eight o’clock time honoring and drink it at seven. Who want to go to the moon when he can live in Michigan?

After deliberating and considering that most Luce County people are involved with some state or federal organization, such as the State Hospital, highway department, conservation department, etc., all of whom go on daylight saving time, it was decided Luce would not butt its head against a stone wall, and they voted to go on Eastern Daylight Saving time at midnight Wednesday night.

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