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2015-02-25 / Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I stand by my recollection of the Hudson Board meeting of February 5. Seven of us who oppose [the mine] met after the meeting and all felt the same— disbelief—about what transpired. I can agree to disagree about the interpretation of what was said with the three writers in last week’s paper.

Can any of them deny that board member Gary Derusha told us that the time for airing opposition should have been done at Newberry’s meeting? Are not taxpaying residents allowed to voice our concerns?

The board did graciously allow Ms. Hollowell to speak and listened attentively. She did an excellent job explaining tribal concerns on treaty rights and the need for sustainable jobs, although Hendricks supervisor Russ Nelson called her speech “gobbledygook.”

One man in attendance criticized the Sault Tribe for treaty abuses, lack of good paying jobs and its governance. Another man hollered at two opposers, pointed his finger and said they were spreading lies. Can they deny any of that actually happened?

So, yes when people criticize my culture and our way of life, I take offense and call it what it is.

There are plenty of No Mining signs; what should that tell the board? Many who oppose [the mine] fear to speak up; what should that tell the board?

Township leaders could have countered and reminded people present of the many contributions the Sault tribe has given this township. They could have taken the opportunity to thank Hollowell in person. They could have put the resolution up for a vote. They could have gotten the word word out sooner to residents instead of handing out the agendas the night of the meetings.

Linda Cobe

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